Great All Clad cookware set to get you started


I was reluctant to pull the trigger and buy this set. I kept telling myself that my cookware more than adequate. However, when I upgraded my cooktop to induction, some of my best stainless steel cookware was not compatible. My old set was a very nice (expensive) stainless steel set imported from Portugal. I had it for 10 years and I loved it. When I cooked my first meal on the new All-Clad set, I fell in love all over again. On the induction, they heated quickly and evenly. I was able to cut down my prep time and get my dinner on the table faster.


I chose this set because of the sizes of the pans. If you look at other stores (Williams Sonoma etc) many of the pans of the “same” set are different and hence the price difference. My favorite pan is the 3 qt saute pan with lid. This is my go-to pan for everyday cooking such as Chicken Marsala or any other skillet dish. The size is perfect for a couple. The 1 1/2 qt sauce pan is perfect for rice and the 3 qt sauce pan works very well for pasta. I cooked scrambled eggs this morning in the 10 inch fry pan and they turned out great. They are not non-stick, so you really have to know how to cook on stainless steel. It is very different than non-stick.


The pan must be heated before adding the oil or butter. This creates a very thin layer of oil and prevents food from sticking. Many people also make the mistake of trying to turn the food too quickly. If the meat does not release easily from the pan, it is either not ready to turn or the pan is too hot. If you are cooking on the highest temperature, you are doing it wrong. If you have never cooked on stainless, there is a bit of a learning curve, but once you master it, you won’t want to use anything else.

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