Excellent quality of pots and pans to buy

T-Fal’s nonstick cookware is the best for the price. You can pay a lot more for nonstick pans: they’ll be heavy and the nonstick feature is the same. If you’re thinking that buying more expensive nonstick pans will make the nonstick finish last longer, you’d be wrong. That’s what I thought. I have several expensive nonstick pans and the nonstick will peel off of those just as quickly as any other nonstick pan. What really makes the difference with nonstick is HOW YOU TREAT IT. Read the Do’s And Don’ts when you get your pans. Never heat above medium. It’ll take longer to bring water to a boil or to stir-fry, but it WILL get hot enough. Never wash your nonstick in the dishwasher and wait until it cools to hand wash. Always use plastic or wood utensils: never use anything that will scratch the surface. Don’t use spray release cooking agents as you don’t need them and they can cause a film to develop on the surface. Never let your pots boil dry – use a timer to remind you.

Thinking of stainless steel? Forget it. It’s a headache to cook and clean with as everything sticks to it’s surface – unless you want to add a lot of fat to your cooking. Leave that for the professional cooks and save yourself the headaches.

I can still remember my Grandmother showing me a T-Fal pan that she bought and saying it was the best pan she ever owned. I just bought this set for my son who is moving into his own home and that’s the confidence that I have in it. This is the quality and price point you’re looking for.

When I first opened the set, I thought there was something wrong with it: there are little holes in the lids with no cover or vent. That’s how it’s supposed to be! Those tiny holes let a little steam out so that your pots won’t boil over as easily. But, if you turn it up high enough and ignore it, it can still boil over. If it does, at least the outsides of these pans are constructed to withstand food stains. You’ll love this set. If you treat it right, it’ll last many years.

For a large family, I would buy some additional pieces: a large frying pan with high sides and a lid – for large meals, frying chicken and stir-frying and a 3.5 qt saucepan for making large amts of rice, popcorn, chili, etc. I also bought a splatter cover for the large frying pan in the set because it is a regular fry pan with low sides and you’ll get some splatter on your stove if you don’t use a cover.

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