2 thoughts on “A Brief History of Milton Baptist Church

  1. This is great, Deek. I’ve been trying to assemble something like this for our church as well. Mark Dever once taught through the history of CHBC and I was so encouraged to hear him teach and challenge his own people through sharing with them their own history that its made me want to do the same thing. When I think of our own local church’s history, I think of the pile of stones set up by the Israelites in Josh 4:9 as a memorial to what the Lord had done in bringing His children into the land He had given them. Each marker along the way of our history is a testimony, a pile of stones if you will, of God’s faithfulness through the ages.

    Have a great weekend, brother.

    1. Excellent thoughts, Paul. For members old and new, retracing a church’s history can be very beneficial. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed (and am still enjoying) the process. Nice to hear from you. Hope you and family are well. God bless.

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